CEC Insight

Aim to become a unique species of financial service firms by fully integrating our investment banking and asset management businesses. Deep industry research is not only part of our DNA, it is also the foundation of our highly integrated approach to the investment banking and asset management businesses.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Healthcare Genetic engineering, AI, and biotech will give rise to a new wave of world changing healthcare behemoth.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Artificial Intelligence Like Internet and mobile Internet, AI will have a profound impact on virtually every industry.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Electric Vehicle & Autonomous Driving Electric cars, autonomous driving, and IoT will become the three major driving themes.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Enterprise Service & Big Data The enterprise service market in China will experience accelerated grow in the next few years.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Entertainment As the millennials become the core consumers of entertainment, content has to adapt to their taste and behavior.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Consumer & Retail New brands, new consumer touchpoints, and the sharing economy are changing the face of the Chinese consumer and retail industry.
  • CEC INSIGHT - Logistics The logistics industry in China in undergoing profound structural changes which give rise to a new crop of players.
  • CEC INSIGHT - A Share Market We believe stability will be the central focus of the market regulators in China.